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  • Quest for Life trilogy
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  • Quest for Success
  • Happy Wealth and Wise feature length film
  • Living in the Light with Shakti Gawain

In this essential guide, this unprecedented all star cast of Modern Masters point you through the pitfalls, the heartbreaks and the dark nights of the soul to reveal their secrets to achieving profound life mastery.



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“I sincerely invite you, and encourage you, and if I could I would implore you - watch this series, it will change your life, bring you more wealth, more joy, more happiness, more abundance, more health. Do It for yourself, do it for your family.”

Jack Canfield is one of the most influential transformational leaders in the world according to SUCCESS Magazine. He’s the #1 “New York Times” best selling author of “Success Principles” and “Chicken Soup for the Soul” the biggest self help success story in history.

Chiat Day, the leading Ad Agency at the time (Apple’s Think Different Campaign) did a vanguard study on mega-trends in America, citing Spirituality, and chose the QUEST published by Simon & Schuster as the best personal development product in the U.S. marketplace.