This unprecedented all star cast of Modern Masters point you through the pitfalls, the heartbreaks and the dark nights of the soul to reveal their profound insights and secrets to help you achieve a resilient spirit to rise up stronger than you’ve ever been in your life.

I want to share with you the wisdom and butt-kicking aha-moments you so desperately need to show up powerfully in your life. Now is the time to play full out. Believe in yourself and what you know in your heart of hearts you have to offer this world.

An unprecedented gathering of America’s Foremost Love Experts and best-selling authors share their provocative and moving insights on creating passionate relationships that last.

Get the love you want

A time to renew, refresh and reclaim your vitality, energy and passionate sense of what you are being called to do. The wisdom & healing power of the Mind/Body connection brought to your life.

Energy, Power & Spirit

Some of today’s most fascinating trailblazers redefine our notions of leadership and invite women everywhere to search for their own truth, to find their own voice, and to claim their own authentic power.

Ignite Your Feminine Power

Two powerful shows. 300 minutes of profound wisdom. Take this extraordinary and profound journey to discover how to achieve authentic success, happiness and a deeply meaningful life.

The Power to Help You Succeed

“I sincerely invite you, and encourage you, and if I could I would implore you - watch this series, it will change your life, bring you more wealth, more joy, more happiness, more abundance, more health. Do It for yourself, do it for your family.”

Jack Canfield is one of the most influential transformational leaders in the world according to SUCCESS Magazine. He’s the #1 “New York Times” best selling author of “Success Principles” and “Chicken Soup for the Soul” the biggest self help success story in history.

Lili Fournier is the host, producer and director of the award-winning Quest specials which blazed a trail on PBS. Her visionary leadership and leading-edge work opened the airwaves across North America to spiritual programming challenging the conventions of mind-body-spirit paradigms. The Quest played a pioneering role in advancing the human potential movement.

Lili is a social activist, philanthropist and inveterate adventurer who has travelled the world on her mission to launch Women’s Day Live, a Global Heart in Action Humanitarian campaign to help the women in children of the world in response to the humanitarian crisis. She feels very privileged to have interviewed some of the world’s most noble people to share with you their success strategies for life.

The Quest is world-class content without equal. Timeless wisdom, powerful insights, extraordinary life skills and success strategies to help you MASTER YOUR MINDSET, your emotions, your body, your relationships, your finances and your life. Take control of your destiny.

What is your new story? Comitt to your heart, your visin, your deams. Tape into the power of your prosperity consciousness to achieve the success you so richly deserve.

Tap into the power of your prosperity consciousness to live a heroic purpose driven life.